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Guide To This Months Night Sky
current night sky over London
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The Leonid Meteor Shower: peaks on November 17th at 16:30 GMT but can best be seen after 22:30 onwards when Leo rises in the East from where they will radiate. The predicted Zenith Hourly Rate is only 10 meteors per hour but as the Moon will be in its new phase, weather permitting, the conditions will be perfect to observe the shower. Jupiter: can best be seen on November 30th at 06:20 GMT in Libra low in the Southeast. Although low in the sky at this time, a small telescope will be able to show the planet’s main characteristics including its flattened spheroid shape caused by its rapid rotation. Larger details such as the Great Red Spot can still be seen using a 6” telescope or larger. Neptune: can best be seen on December 1 st at 18:20 GMT in Aquarius in the South. Neptune is well placed at this time as it reaches its highest point due South in true darkness. Uranus: can best be seen also on December 1 st at 21:00 GMT in Pisces in the South. Uranus is well positioned, reaching its highest point in the sky during darkness. Shining at mag.+5.7 its 3,6 -arcsecond disc doesn’t reveal much detail but it is worth viewing just to see its wonderful greenish hue.
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