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A very insightful book into Johannes Kepler personality and struggles of 16th/17th century life. The book portrays Johannes Kepler as a downtrodden but very determined man and almost to the cost of his own reputation. There is also a good account of his struggle with the Lutheran faith and his fascination with astrology. Johannes Kepler used Tycho Brahe's precision measurements of the planets to prove the sun is at the center of our solar system and develop the law's we are familiar with today. During his quest to prove Nicolaus Copernious theory he had to put his work to one side as he had to defend his mother from being prosecuted as a witch. I think whether you are new to Astronomy or a weathered astronomer you will find this book a highly readable piece of important history, in our understanding of the solar system
This book gives a clear, up to date description of our star and our solar system, which is why I think any amateur astronomer should include this book in their own collection. This is a must read for anyone who is interested in how the sun works from nuclear fusion to protection of the solar system. Dr Lucy Green also teaches you the history of how we gained our knowledge and explains the basics before jumping into too deep information.
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